PDG-NT Pty Ltd are a local Indigenous company within the Borroloola region, currently employing local people across various contracts negotiated in discussions with exploration/mining companies, construction, and governments departments. The primary goal of PDG-NT is to encourage and facilitate the process of gainful employment for local people within the Borroloola region. As a local Indigenous TO-based company we have been and are still committed to identifying all available opportunities for this to happen.

We have had to engage with various entities within a number of different opportunities to create a pathway for local people to either begin their employment journey or continue their previous efforts to personal development.

Some of the opportunities have included:

  • Field Assistants with TECK Australia
  • Field Technicians with MMG Mining
  • Cultural Monitors with TECK, MMG and Redbank Mining
  • Road Maintenance with DoI Tennant Creek
  • Traffic Management with DoI Tennant Creek
  • Fencing of Redbank Mines with DME
  • Construction of Trade Training Centre with Harvey Developments
  • WDR Haul Road Security Services/Asset Management with Ferrier Hodgson Receivership

PDG-NT’s business model has been structured to execute two initiatives, designed to successfully drive employment outcomes for job seekers.

Labour Hire Services – PDG-NT have a current partnership in place with several companies from the mining & exploration sector and maintain a successful track record providing labour hire services with Field Assistants and Cultural Heritage Monitors, to TECK Australia, MMG Mining, and Redbank Mining.

There are several continued exploration and mining, civil construction and construction activities scheduled for the near future, where PDG-NT will continue to provide labour hire services. PDG-NT also intend to provide labour hire to alternate industries in the region.

Intermittent, paid work placements embedded within participant training programs serve as an incentive to keep participants engaged and provide the opportunity to earn flexible wages while practicing skills and building on real-life work experience.

PDG Local Contracts – In addition to labour hire services, PDG-NT are equipped to deliver service contracts to various industries. We have secured several ongoing service contracts which are intended to expand in volume once local skilled workers are filtered through the PDG-NT employment program. This creates employment opportunities where they may not have otherwise existed.

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