Company Affiliation

PDG-NT Pty Ltd and IE Project (NT) Pty Ltd have joined forces to offer employers a one stop shop for professional Indigenous Workforce Solutions in the Borroloola Region.

Recruiting and establishing a local Indigenous workforce makes good business sense. Our combined experience and services can assist employers seeking to invest in a localised workforce. With a shared vision on employment and career advancement through upskilling, mentoring, personal and professional development, PDG-NT and IE Project have a holistic approach to Indigenous workforce development.
Local Mentoring plays a major part of the role for PDG-NT involvement to promote a productive working order ensuring key targets and time frames are met. The mentoring will feed into the broader support structure to include On-site and Community Support.

We are committed to local capacity building and embrace the benefits of employing local. The local employment aspect is key in most remote Indigenous settings, as participation induces the feeling of ‘ownership’. As local people were involved from the lay-down of the foundation pad to the very last task of cleaning the building ready for the opening, the broader community effect is that local family members were involved which produces a general level of pride.

Other Company Affiliates include;


Supply Nation


The existing PDG-NT labour base consists of:

  • 12 Traffic Management trained employees (WZ2 & WZ3 & WZ4)
  • 6 with Certificate II in Construction
  • 12 with Certificate II in Minor Civil Works (Cert III planned for the near future)
  • 13 with Certificate II Surface Extraction
  • 8 HR Licensed Truck Drivers
  • 4 Roller Drivers
  • 6 Fork Lift Drivers
  • 4 Water
  • 6 Skid Steer Operators
  • 2 Trucks (HR & MR)
  • 13 KVA Lighting Plant
  • 2 Heavy Duty Trailers
  • 2 Tractor & Slashers


  • Trade Assistants
  • Labourers
  • Traffic Management Crew
  • Road Maintenance Repair Crew
  • Slashing Crew
  • Cultural Heritage Monitors
  • Mentors

Community Engagement and Networking

Source equipment and services where practical and support other local Indigenous entities:

  • Diesel Mechanic (JAYEEM Autos)
  • Small engine repair and maintenance (JAYEEM Autos)
  • Industrial Cleaning (Frank Ger)
  • Freight (PDG-NT Pty Ltd)
  • Building sub-contractors (NT Maintenance – Barry Davis)

Value for Money – Local Investment

This initiative will support the development of local capacity in the local/regional labour market, enhance local economic development opportunities and contribute to the local economy.  Participation in this initiative will also strengthen pride within the community.

Risk Management

Adhere to all on-site OH&S Standards and Requirements as set out by Shalone Nominees and Underlock Property Maintenance while following the direction of Site Supervisors and Managers at all times. Create a prepared pool of local Indigenous workers in preparation for local community and cultural events and occurrences.

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